Object Detection Blog Posts

17 Interesting Applications of Object Detection for Businesses

By Liz Oz • Jun 15, 2022

Learn how computer vision object detection provides valuable business data across all industries, allowing stakeholders to respond to events in real-time.

4 Computer Vision Apps for Health and Safety on Your Construction Site

By Liz Oz • Nov 05, 2021

Discover four unique and effective ways construction companies are using computer vision to monitor safety and compliance in the workplace.

Computer Vision for Sports: A Conversation with an alwaysAI User

By Stephanie Casola • Oct 01, 2020

One of our talented users, Leonardo Cohen is integrating alwaysAI and Computer Vision into solutions for his sports events clients.

Develop Computer Vision Applications for the Edge effortlessly

By Scott Miller • Sep 23, 2020

Find out about the many hurdles of developing computer vision applications for the edge and how alwaysAI is simplifying this process.

A Teacher and His Students Use Robotics & alwaysAI to Fight COVID-19

By Stephanie Casola • Jun 05, 2020

A teacher and his students are using robotics and the alwaysAI platform to help implement social distancing measures and prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Create Your Own Contraband Detector

By Lila Mullany • Apr 14, 2020

Create an alwaysAI contraband detector for working and learning remotely, such as cell phones, headphones, and books.

How to Build a Simple Computer Vision Texting App Using Twilio

By Carlos Lazo • Mar 20, 2020

Here, we’ll show you how easy it is to send automated text messages with a basic example of a computer vision app that can detect a chair and alert a user.

How productOps Used alwaysAI to Keep an Eye on California’s Trails

By Bernadette St. George • Mar 13, 2020

Learn how productOps utilized the alwaysAI platform to create its Cross Count trail counter — a live video monitoring app for hiking trails.

How a High School Student Gave His Robot Sight with alwaysAI

By Stephanie Casola • Mar 12, 2020

Christian Piper, a 16-year-old high school student from Pennsylvania, equipped his first robotics competition robot with sight using alwaysAI. Here's how.

6 Industries Computer Vision Will Change: Use Cases from Hackathons

By Komal Devjani • Feb 28, 2020

We took our CV platform to hackathons at the top universities in California. Here are some of the projects highlighting the most interesting use cases.

Using Pose Estimation and Object Detection to Rescue the Elderly

By Vikram Gupta • Dec 11, 2019

Learn how we combined the Qualcomm® Robotics RB3 platform, our computer vision developer platform, and the Object Detection demo elderly care robot.

Computer Vision Application Development Lifecycles Explained

By Jason Koo • Oct 08, 2019

The software development cycle for computer vision remains relatively similar to many other software projects you may be more used to.

Using Object Detection on IoT Devices

By Nichole Peterson • Aug 27, 2019

Computer vision is the part of AI that enables computers to analyze visual data and make decisions based on what they “see.”

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