Technology Partners

NVIDIA is a leader in high-performance GPUs for IoT, servers, and desktops. alwaysAI supports the NVIDIA Jetson line of products, and is a member of NVIDIA’s Inception and Metropolis programs. NVIDIA Jetson users can find optimized models for pose estimation in the alwaysAI model catalog as well as NVIDIA-specific starter applications. alwaysAI recently presented at NVIDIA’s GTC conference.

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OpenNCC is an industrial-grade vision appliance for deep-learning vision system developers that accelerates field deployment and production of commercial AI vision solutions. This Open AI Vision Appliance eliminates vision system hardware complexities with a fully-integrated Edge-AI vision device, so developers can deploy applications faster.

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ARM is a leading technology provider of silicon IP for the intelligent System-on-Chips; the company’s technology is at the heart of billions of devices globally. alwaysAI is a member of the ARM AI Partner program and works closely with a number of ARM-based Edge device companies.

Qualcomm is a leader in high-performance, low-power microprocessors for mobile, IoT, and robotics. alwaysAI supports the company’s Snapdragon platform as well as it’s Robotics RB3 platform. The two companies recently collaborated on a Computer Vision for eldercare application for AWS:reinvent.

ISV Partners

balena provides fleet management tools and services for connected Linux devices. alwaysAI and balena work together to provide CV application developers an end-to-end solution for realizing, deploying, and managing Computer Vision applications. We also take advantage of balena system images for some of our Docker images.

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