Always Have Eyes on Your Operations

Computer vision enables existing cameras to quickly identify and interpret people, objects, and events in the physical world.

Gain Visual Insights

Gain Visual Insights

Capture more accurate, real-time visual data to better address productivity issues.
Improve Processes

Improve Processes

Minimize delays and streamline operations by addressing issues as they happen.
Drive More Revenue

Drive More Revenue

Identify choke points, security risks, delays, and staffing issues to cut costs.
Enhance Safety

Enhance Safety

Assess safety compliance in real-time with immediate alerts to mitigate risks.

Solutions by Industry

manufacturing card

alwaysAI Smart Manufacturing

Automate processes and track production line activity for unparalleled data to directly impact top and bottom lines.
Labor Productivity 842x737

alwaysAI Smart Mining

Optimize productivity and safety throughout the entire mining lifecycle to increase revenue.
Solar Farm Monitoring 842x737-2

alwaysAI Smart Energy

Identify energy usage patterns, detect anomalies, and get actionable, real-time insights to optimize energy consumption.
Delivery and Dispatch Tracking 1080x514-2

alwaysAI Smart Logistics

Improve efficiency, minimize delays, and enhance safety across your entire supply chain with unprecedented visibility.
Heatmapping and Traffic Analytics 842x737

alwaysAI Smart Warehousing

Monitor facility usage and status in real-time throughout your warehouse to cut costs.
smart retail card

alwaysAI Smart Retail

Create a better customer experience with unprecedented real-time data about foot traffic, wait times and more.
smart restaurants card

alwaysAI Smart Restaurants

Improve speed of service and order accuracy with immediate data about your entire restaurant.
smart construction card

alwaysAI Smart Construction

Get unprecedented visibility on sprawling job sites to make better decisions in real-time.
smart venues card

alwaysAI Smart Venues

Comprehensive oversight of venues means a safer, more enjoyable experience for fans.

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Solutions by Use Case

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Core Models

Nearly all computer vision solutions are the result of four types of core models: classification, object detection, semantic segmentation, and instance segmentation.
Rectangle 4752

Facial Recognition

Identify customers, employees or unauthorized individuals with fast, accurate facial recognition. Re-identify people to avoid double counting.
event recognition card

Event Recognition

Track an object through a process to detect an event. Create custom parameters to define the event based on your specific use case.
defect anomaly card

Defect and Anomaly Detection

Automate defect and anomaly detection to identify issues as they arise and ensure product quality, reduce human error, minimize waste, and optimize operational efficiency.
safety detection card

Safety Detection

Proactively ensure EHS compliance and avoid costly health and safety incidents before they occur with computer vision.
infrared computed vision card

Infrared Computer Vision

Identify people, objects or events in the dark with computer vision equipped infrared cameras to improve security and after-hours surveillance.

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