alwaysAI Smart Manufacturing

Improve manufacturing throughput, minimize defects and optimize labor delivery via real-time data to increase ROI.

Busy Production Lines With Various Machines, Materials, and Workers Are Difficult to Monitor. But With alwaysAI, You’re Always Watching.

Computer vision in manufacturing provides comprehensive oversight of your manufacturing processes to enhance productivity and safety across the entire value-chain, from materials tracking to production and delivery. Computer vision enables your existing cameras to quickly identify and interpret objects in the physical world allowing you to automate processes with real-time data tailored to meet your specific needs.

Computer Vision Use Cases in Manufacturing

Anomaly and Defect Detection


Anomalies and defects are unavoidable and extremely costly in manufacturing. Every average manufacturing company has a cost of poor quality at about 20% of total sales.


Automate anomaly and defect detection with unparalleled accuracy to minimize delays by catching issues as they arise. Get immediate alerts to avoid slowdowns and increase ROI.

Package and Label Detection


Relying on manual labor for label and package detection can lead to costly errors and delays due to labor shortages.


Automate package and label detection with computer vision for unbeatable accuracy. Reduce costs, better allocate staff and increase efficiencies throughout the entire production line.

Safety Monitoring


Manufacturing jobs have the highest rate of workplace injuries resulting in billions of dollars of lost revenue. Complex machinery with moving parts, sharp edges, and hot surfaces makes them inherently dangerous.


Monitor hazardous areas, track personal protective equipment compliance and better manage machine usage in real-time. Get immediate alerts about safety issues so you can address them before or as they occur.

Volumetric Space Detector for Distribution and Trucking


Inefficient shipping and delivery processes cost trucking companies over $27.5 billion a year. Empty or partially full trucks result in avoidable sunken costs.


Computer vision provides real-time insights into truck capacity and usage customized for your needs. Get immediate alerts about empty space to better manage materials delivery capacity and boost ROI.

Timberlab Logo
  • Successfully installed edge devices and cameras and deployed a lumber and person detection application at Swinerton's Timberlab.
  • The application monitors lumber processing to track various stages of the cutting and milling process to increase the efficiency of the milling process.
  • With alwaysAI Smart Manufacturing, Timberlabs is identifying bottlenecks at each stage and receiving real-time analytics used to consistently measure productivity.

"The manufacturing industry is rapidly changing and leveraging new technologies to build smarter, manage people and materials more efficiently, and improve ROI. alwaysAI provides a unique computer vision platform to help us rapidly prototype and deploy a wide variety of CV apps on the edge to improve our business."

Aaron Anderson

Director of Innovation at Swinerton

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