alwaysAI Smart Construction

alwaysAI computer vision delivers real-time, actionable data to optimize site productivity and improve margins.

Large Construction Sites Are Difficult to Monitor at All Times. But With alwaysAI, You’re Always Watching.

Computer vision in construction enables your existing cameras to immediately identify and interpret objects in the physical world. Gain unprecedented insights into your projects with real-time data tailored to meet your specific needs. Manage your direct labor and material costs more efficiently and provide a safer and more secure working environment by leveraging your existing camera infrastructure. Get real-time visual data to improve operating margins and reduce liability.

Computer Vision Use Cases in Construction



40% of the most frequently cited safety violations in construction pertain to inadequate use of personal protective equipment. Improper or missing PPE results in preventable injuries or non-compliance costs.


Track PPE compliance in real-time and get immediate alerts for infractions and safety risks to reduce injuries and save money. Automating this process improves accuracy and optimizes staffing.

Gate Activity Monitoring


Subcontractors, workers, vehicles, and materials come on and off construction sites regularly. Monitoring frequent gate activity is difficult but essential to ensuring safety and optimal productivity.


Monitor gate activity in real-time so you know exactly who and what is entering and exiting your job site. Get immediate alerts 24/7 to improve safety and productivity.

Occupancy Counting


Between delivery workers, subcontractors, day laborers and others, dozens or more people enter and exit construction sites daily. Not knowing who is on site poses a number of security and safety risks.


Accurately count workers and site occupancy in real-time with computer vision. Get immediate surveillance alerts 24/7 about suspicious, unusual, or unsafe activity.

Progress Tracking


Construction equipment and machinery are expensive. Costs from construction errors alone are estimated at $273 billion each year in the U.S. Idle machinery and unplanned delays can add additional costs.


alwaysAI Smart Construction allows you to track building progress in real-time. Get unprecedented data about machine and tool usage and idle time as well as materials delivery to increase productivity.

  • alwaysAI Smart Construction sends immediate alerts if a PPE violation has occurred allowing Swinerton to reduce liability.
  • Deploy real-time safety monitoring analytics to successfully identify PPE violations as staff enters the worksite.
  • By demonstrating safety as a top priority, Swinerton increases revenue and reduces injuries.

The construction industry is rapidly changing and leveraging new technologies to build smarter, manage people and materials more efficiently, and improve ROI. alwaysAI provides a unique computer vision platform to help us rapidly prototype and deploy a wide variety of CV apps on the edge to improve our business.

Aaron Anderson

Director of Innovation at Swinerton

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