alwaysAI + EyeCloud

alwaysAI is a powerful platform for training, building, and deploying Computer Vision applications on the Edge.

EyeCloud.AI is the leading supplier of open AI vision appliances. They deliver faster development and production of Edge-AI vision cameras for companies innovating with Computer Vision. They also provide white-label design/manufacturing services for custom Edge-AI camera products.

Together, alwaysAI and EyeCloud.AI expedite the process of developing and deploying Computer Vision for production use cases such as health and safety monitoring, and more.

A complete hardware + software solution

alwaysAI has partnered with OpenNCC, the first Edge-AI vision appliance by EyeCloud.AI that accelerates field deployment and production of commercial AI vision solutions. This partnership eliminates many of the complexities in Computer Vision application development and Edge-AI production scaling, so developers can deploy applications with lightning speed.

For a limited time, sign up for an alwaysAI account and receive a 30% discount on any OpenNCC camera. Coupon will be emailed upon signup.

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